Real estate Mis finques in Sabadell and Sant Quirze
Instagram Sabadell Centre Sabadell Centre: 635 24 93 24
Instagram Sabadell Centre Ca n'Oriac: 654 11 85 52
Instagram Sabadell Centre Sant Quirze: 607 81 63 68
La Creu de Barberà La Creu de Barberà: 685 74 40 40
Real estate Mis finques in Sabadell and Sant Quirze


Real estate Mis finques in Sabadell and Sant Quirze
We are a company delivered, consolidated and specialized in real estate, located in Sant Quirze del Vallès and dedicated to this area and any town in the province of Barcelona.

With years of experience we can ensure that we are skilled enough for any consultation, advice or real estate related topic in general, whether contracts, fiscal management, etc.

Our services cover both sale and purchase of apartments, houses, premises, parking spaces and also rent and transfers. Certainly in our service we also offer the service by great specialists in any reform, ask for a quote, we are quick and effective.

We also have plots for real estate developments.

And do not hesitate to consult our 100% financing appraisal offering personalized service, with a serious and competent staff, because the best customer is you. We assure you that we will buy and sell at the best price, see and compare, we are at your disposal.

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Plaça 14 d'Abril nº5 local B
08192 - Sant Quirze del Vallès
Telf. 93 721 22 88 / 607 81 63 68

Industria nº 6
08202 – Sabadell
Telf. 93 012 94 69 / 635 24 93 24

La Llanera nº 48
08207 - Sabadell
Telf. 93 721 17 17 / 654 11 85 52

Avenida Barberà nº 422
08204 - Sabadell
Telf. 931 28 82 57 / 685 74 40 40
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